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Mouse tricks?

Hi there! Does anyone do tricks with their mice? I taught my girl Iggy to turn 360 degrees before getting a sunflower seed and have a video of it. So cute! I was wondering if others have tricks their mice do, and what they are. Am I able to post the link here or somewhere else? Thanks! :)


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Wow, yes we'd love to see the video. My mice are full of tricks but not ones that I've taught them!
  • _Pomtreez_Pomtreez Legacy
    Posts: 78
    LOL Sorry for the late reply. I cannot seem to think of another trick to teach Iggy! Trying to do the turn one with Coconut, but she just says "gimme, not gonna work for it!

    Zany, I would call that a cute trick! :)

    I went away for a few days and came back, and Iggy still remembered. Even now, she gets up on that house and starts doing circles for the sunflower seed when I'm not even paying direct attention to her. lol
  • _Pomtreez_Pomtreez Legacy
    Posts: 78
    Haha that's cute, thanks! For a while I watched a lot of rat videos and I do want rats in the future. The biggest problem I have with tricks like the rats are doing, is Iggy poops and pees the whole time she's out of the cage. I have to have a setup where I can work with her without worrying about her pooping and peeing everywhere. I really wish she wouldn't do that. She's make an awesome shoulder companion because she does enjoy it, but I wasn't fond of pee in my hair. lol I may try the bathroom. Though I'd have to block the gap under the door too. The bathrooms are also pretty small, but safe from cats and no carpet.

    LOL check this one out (not mine of course): Mouse tricks
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