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Tail Vibrating in New Mouse

Hey guys!

I adopted my three boys from Tracey at Primrose Mouse Rescue last year and they have been a lovely bunch, I've got all of them more used to me and they've all definitely become more confident. Just this week I've adopted another lovely little man from Tracey, he's a black and tan boy called Winston and was neutered in mid-Feb so is still in a cage of his own while his hormones settle. He's very active and inquisitive but still very shy and just tonight I noticed him vibrating his tail against the side of his cage when i was putting my hand in there to offer some treats. I'm guessing this is a 'back-off' sign so have left him alone, but could anyone give me a bit more info about why he's doing this? I don't want my hand attacked so it has made me quite nervous to be leaving it the cage to try and get him used to me!!

Thanks for your help!

Jess xx :D


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    It is a sign that Winston is a bit apprehensive (yet not frightened enough to run away). When my mice have done it I've just carried on with slow movements until the mouse has got used to my presence. He might just need a little more patience than your other mice but I wouldn't take it as a sign that he's about to attack, he just needs a little more time to realise your hand isn't going to hurt him.
  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
    Posts: 592
    Mod note: I've moved your thread to behaviours.

    As has been said, it does seem to be more apprehension that causes it. I've only had one mouse attack after tail rattling, and it was the poor flying saucer wheel that was on the receiving end of Miley's teeth :lol: I found that doing what Ann suggested by making slow, small movements helped - and talking to them in a calm way seems to help as well.
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