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He wont use his wheel?

Hi , i bought my male mouse ( Terry ) home about 3 days ago now , he seems very friendly and so far seems friendly :D Im confused because although i have seen him sit and ' do business ' he does not seem to be interested at all :( he uses a 6.5 silent spinner and i also have a 6.5 flying saucer but haven't tried him on that yet. i don't get to sleep too early so i haven't even heard him running at night? he does not seem to have any signs of sore paws ? thanks :)


  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
    Posts: 153
    Glad he seems friendly so far. :)

    If you have any malt paste (available from pet shops), try smearing some on the upper inner bit of the wheel, so he has to move it to get at it. Most mice adore malt paste, so it should motivate him to figure out his wheel! If you don't have malt paste, a tiny bit of peanut butter might also work.

    Looking forward to many pictures of Terry please! :wiggle:
  • Posts: 0
    My only suggestion would be to balance a small seed on the wheel when you go to bed tonight, if its gone in the morning chances are he's running in the wheel when you've gone to bed :)
  • _tiedyed_tiedyed Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Thanks for all the reply's , ill try the seed idea tonight or at least until i can find some malt paste :D
    pictures will defiantly be coming soon , Terry likes hiding as much as he can so its hard to get a good one of its face :lol:
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