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Help! Female mice dominating other mouse!

So I bought my two fancy female mice about a week ago, Nugget and Lilo. Lilo is trying to dominate Nugget and I'm not sure what to do about it.

To start off, I got them both at the same time and they came from the same cage at the store. I brought them home and put them into their aquarium. Everything was fine up until a couple of days later I heard squeaking from the cage. I rushed over to see what was going on, and that's when I saw Lilo mounting Nugget. I had owned mice for years and I never encountered this before. So I did lots of research and turns out, Lilo is just trying to dominate Nugget. No blood has been drawn, but I keep an eye out every day just in case, so I can separate them immediately!

So I don't know whether to break it up and stop them as soon as I hear Nugget squeaking, or if I should just let the dominating process happen and just let them figure it out amongst themselves. Because I read somewhere that if I stop them in the act, it only prolongs the process that much longer.

So please, if anyone knows what to do, has encountered this before or has any advice I would really appreciate it! Thank you! :)


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    I guess the first thing to do is check the mice are definitely both female. It is quite common for one female to be more dominant and you've obviously done your research, if no blood has been drawn and they usually sleep together then I wouldn't worry too much. If Lilo won't let Nugget eat or Nugget looks constantly depressed then you might have to consider another plan of action.
  • _BaggyMousers_BaggyMousers Legacy
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    I had quite a lot of dominating problems with my (eight) girls too. But once a pecking order was established it petered out. Now I only have Cashew humping her timid male friend to remind him who is boss in their relationship :D

    I was always told that some mice might be real squeakers and it might sound bad but 'no blood no foul'.

    And when things go quite bad between the newly introduced girls I popped a bit of vanilla essence on their bottoms and I was surprised and how much this surprised/tricked them into thinking they were already friends and smelt the same.
  • Posts: 28
    I have a set of two and they have been together for about a month now. One will try to hump the other once in a while. When they do, I just tell them to "cut that out" and shine a tiny flashlight in. They stop right away. I raised four daughters and they would squabble now and then, too. We would just yell at them, "Hey, cut that out!" and they would settle down. Maybe mice aren't so different than humans?? Good luck with yours. Mine love each other to pieces now. (So do my daughters, by the way). LOL
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