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housing male with multimammates ?

_00aqualife00_00aqualife00 Legacy
edited April 2015 in Breeding
Ive read a few people keep the two species together in oposite sex groups' wondered if anyone has experience with this? Ive got three fancy mice does and three multimmate does and it would be a big help if i could house them with males of the oposite species to prevent any unwanted breeding.



  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    I don`t usually post in the breeding section, but the only reason anyone places a female multi/multis, with a male fancy mouse, is purely because the fancy male mouse lives alone and to give him company. Fancy males sometimes can`t co-habit and start fighting, so if they are not neutered to be able to live together or with female fancy mice, a multi female can sometimes be the answer, but you also need to take into account that if the fancy male was to pass away, the female multi can`t be left on her own because multi`s don`t do well on their own. They are best in company of their own kind.

    Hopefully someone else can pot and give more information on this. But that`s the main reason I gave above.
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    Ready for what? Are you planning on breeding each species?

    I've kept a pair of female multis with fancy before and it does work quite well. It's never quite the same as company of their own kind, so ideally I don't think you'd want to have a single multimammate in with fancys unless the multi in question cannot get along with it's own kind (in which case they may also have problems with fancies).

    Multimammates can chew plastic very easily, and put on weight rather quickly and they do have slightly different requirements in terms of what you keep them in and feed. I know some people have removed their multis at certain times so they feed slightly differently for instance.

    Are you breeding both fancy and multimammate mice then? I'm a little confused as to what you are explaining here.

    I know male fancy mice cannot live back with male company after breeding (even if they were okay before) so I'm not sure how that would work if it's due to some increased aggression or similar issues as if you are shuffling them around a lot it may cause problems. I think you may need to contact mouse breeders for more advice if this is the case - as this is predominately pet based forum.
  • __Emma___Emma_ Legacy
    Posts: 28
    i have kept them together, and you have to be VERY careful with female multi's, they can be horrible creatures, especially if they are an established group and you introduce even another multi, let alone a mouse, and when they are pregnant or have babies they can be the spawn of satan, so i wouldnt even dream of putting mice i there. (i barely like putting my hand in with some of them!)

    i currently have a group of one mouse and two multi's, but this group took some real tweaking, so if you will need back up plans spare cages, etc. i wouldn't say to bother unless you can accommodate this.
    it was ok in my case as i breed both species and have many groups, so i could try several individuals, but you might not have this option.

    don't underestimate mice either, they will sometimes attack multi's to!

    i have left this group to it for now, i haven't taken any out for breeding as i am wary that re-introductions will not go well, breeding changes mice in particular, i dont know if he would tolerate living with multis anyore. i have plenty of other breeders so i leave this group to enjoy each others company rather than risk condemning them to living alone.
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