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Chimera mice??

I posted a photo of one of my mouse babies with the distinct split line of colours, im yet to see if the eye colour is different to one another but i have never heard of chimera mice, is it even possible?

I have no idea about this, no mouse of mine carry such thing iv'e never heard of it so thought id ask here see if any of you have heard of it.

[img size=300][/img]

[img size=300][/img]


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    If you google chimeric mice there's lots of info. I have a tricolour mouse with odd eyes but I have to confess that until you posted this, I hadn't really thought any more about it.
  • _Pixie_Pixie Legacy
    Posts: 122
    Mosaic is her name :)

    We shall see, if she ends up with odd eyes think i could say she is a chemira, but right now just putting it down to chance really lol, apparently it can be common in tri mice to have this sort of half marking look.
  • _Pixie_Pixie Legacy
    Posts: 122
    Well i would not say bursting my bubble, i knew tri's can have some cool patterns to the coat i was just curious to the chimera thing which was suggested to me.

    I don't know much on cats but it is something to look at c:
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