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Harley is pregnant D:

So Harley is pregnant. Guessing it's from the pet shop, as it's been around 20-ish days since we got her, and Buttercup is 100% a girl. And there's no way the boys could've gotten her pregnant unless they're magic. She has just suddenly turned into a golfball! I doubt she's just gotten super fat haha

I guess my plan is to keep the girls with Harley and Buttercup (hopefully it'll be a mostly female litter...) and find homes for the boys >_< I'll have to go out and sort out another bin cage for the boys too. Or I'll be really lucky and have an all female litter...

Ahh. Wish her luck, I'm keeping her in with Buttercup as they're so close, and since she must be ready to give birth asap, I don't think it'll be a good idea to stress her out. I'm probably going to replace a few houses too into things that are easier for me to access..


  • Good luck, I'd leave them together too :) Is the cage a barred one or a tank style one?
  • _Arlo_Arlo Legacy
    Posts: 55
    It's a tank style, it's a really useful box I modified. The only other thing I can think of is a wild mouse got her pregnant, but he'd have to be REALLY good at climbing and able to get in a third floor flat haha

    Poor Harley, she only just worked out how to get into all the high places Buttercup likes to hang out in and now she's too fat to :lol: I imagine she'll probably be giving birth tonight or tomorrow, she looks so big!
  • _Arlo_Arlo Legacy
    Posts: 55
    Yeah, I'm hoping it's a small litter too! 2 girls would be perfect :lol: At least she's with me, who somewhat knows what to do, rather than if she'd been bought by someone totally inexperienced. I do wonder about her other sisters though :-/
  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    :/ Aww bless. Hope it all goes well and you get a good ratio of little girls in there
  • I'm glad she's already in a tank style cage, good luck with the pups!
  • _Arlo_Arlo Legacy
    Posts: 55
    I am currently VERY glad the girls moved into the tank cage haha
    I haven't gone into their room yet, so I don't know if the babies have come, but I expect them today as I could see them moving in her stomach last night.
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