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How do I know she's given birth?

I THINK Harley has given birth, but I have no idea for sure. How would I go about checking or should I just leave her until it's been three days? I want to make sure I have an accurate birth date!


  • Listen for the quiet quiet pup squeaks... When Wingnut had hers I spent most of the day sat there going "I think I hear them..." "No it can't be" "Yeah I think I heard them again!" it took about three times hearing them (over a few hours) before I was at all sure lol
    The guarantee that Harley has had her pups will be when she appears and is suddenly a whole lot skinnier again really. If you think they're there I'd stay clear to be safe but I have always played safe with possible pups around
  • _Arlo_Arlo Legacy
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    Harley is a very aloof mother! She's spent most of her day sleeping away from her babies, going in every now and then to check on them! I can confirm she does indeed have babies! And quite a few from the looks of things! I managed to sneak a peek when she was sleeping elsewhere (of course making sure not to touch them and scenting my hands with bedding and what not). I am in shock. No wonder she was so fat!
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    I'm glad you've confirmed she's got them at least. Hopefully she'll be a good Mum :)
  • _Arlo_Arlo Legacy
    Posts: 55
    I think she's a very relaxed mum! :lol: Yesterday when I was putting in food and Buttercup was pestering my hands, Harley came out of the nest to join her! She's more interested in me than the babies!
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