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Taking away babies + Fostering

So my Harley has had 9 boys and 1 girl. At 4 weeks I will have to take the 9 boys away, but I feel this may cause her and Buttercup a bit of distress, to suddenly lose almost all her babies. I am thinking about getting her to start to foster two extra girl mice from a feeder mouse litter. What are peoples thoughts on this? I'm concerned she'll think that something ate the babies and she'll eat the remaining girl :(


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    It takes quite a lot out of a mouse to feed a large litter and by the time the babies are 4 weeks old, mum will probably be very grateful of a break. Her milk may well be drying up by that point anyway and it's a natural process for the babies to become less reliant on her. She'll still have the one female baby with her and your other female mouse so she shouldn't need any additional company (unless you happen to want more mice anyway).
  • _Arlo_Arlo Legacy
    Posts: 55
    Well I always want more mice haha. I'm just worried about her :( She got SO concerned when Buttercup got out the other day, I've never seen a mouse get SO panicked! She was running everywhere, checking everything, and when Buttercup was put back in she immediately ran up and started to groom her. I don't want her to get upset when all her babies are gone! I think if the guy at my local reptile shop DOES have a female pair of feeder mice, I might take them, as it's still nicer than what they would experience!

    Also, is it possible for a nanny mouse to lactate? Buttercup's nipples are more visible than they usually are. I know it is possible in humans to breastfeed an adopted child, but is it likely in mice?
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