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pregnant mouse

Hello. We have 4 pet mice in our home, they are my daughters . Pet shop bought and were supposedly 2 males and 2 females, in separate cages of course.
Well I have discoverd this is not true with one of them being pregnant. I should have checked myself the sexes but they were not happy to be handled for a good while and now they are it,s too late. Lesson learned to never trust a pet shop again !
I'm not sure what is best to do for this mouse really. I know I must get to the pet shop as soon as possible to get another cage to get them separated before she gives birth. I'm not sure what to do after that. Any advice please from experienced breeders ? Thank you in advance.


  • The first thing I'd do would be to check the other mice and make sure they're both the gender you think they are. If they're not separate asap and treat the female as pregnant until you know she's not (the gestation period is about three weeks if I remember rightly so after that you'll know you're ok).

    After that yes, get to the pet shop for another cage (or make a bin cage if you'd prefer). If you can a tank-style cage would be good for Mum to be in while she has and raises the pups. When Wingnut had her pups (she was pregnant when we got her) we kept her in a mini duna while she raised them and that worked quite well. The savic rody is quite similar and pets at home seemed to be selling it for a while recently so that could be another option if they still are (haven't been in one in a few months now). Mum won't need a wheel in the cage while she has her pups but she'd probably appreciate other toys and her usual house.

    Give Mum her normal food, a small amount of extra protein might also be a good idea but not too much if you can help it. An extra dried mealworm or two a day is our favourite source of extra protein for pets who need it. Mum will probably also appreciate lots of bedding to make a nest.

    Apart from that... Just wait it out and don't interfere with the pups too soon once they're born. This is the thread I posted for advice when Wingnut was pregnant and it has all the great advice I was given in there :)

    I hope some of that helps a little bit and good luck with the litter!
  • _k81_k81 Legacy
    Posts: 6
    Thank you both of you for taking the time to help me. It's going to help make sure she is OK which is what has worried me. I guess I just follow the advice and wait now :D Shouldn't be long ,she's rather round in her belly and kind of lumpy.
  • _k81_k81 Legacy
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    Oh my I'm glad I noticed in time :o We have mice babies today. That was certainly cutting it close.I can see maybe up to 10. Not going to disturb her as advised. I hope she's ok . I think she is only young herself.

    Glad I got the advice in time too ,thank you :wave:
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