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This is our first and completely unexpected litter. Born on 4th November.

I hope the photos upload ok





  • _Kipperbo1_Kipperbo1 Legacy
    Posts: 38
    so cute!!!! :love:
  • _Nicky_Nicky Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Oh my gosh look at those sweeties :kiss:
  • _k81_k81 Legacy
    Posts: 6
    Did anyone notice the really small one ? It's so tiny compared to the other really chubby ones.
    I was wondering at what stage I can touch these babies please ?. I only pull back the tissue to peek at them every couple of days to check all is well. One didn't make it but I still don't know how many there are until I can hold them.
    Also I guess the ones with black showing already will be like the mother mouse ,dad is a white and sandy colour so maybe the others may be fair coloured like him ?.

    Any tips from more experienced would be gratefully received :D .
  • _k81_k81 Legacy
    Posts: 6

    This is 2 of them taken today. The size difference is massive. Feel sorry for the little one.
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