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Moving a nest with pups.

So - my surprise litter are now wedged in a hut style bed, lift the hut and up comes bedding, pups an' all! I haven't seen them since Friday when Mum moved them to their new quarters and cannot even think about handling them as they'll need scooping out the bottom!

I have the toddler proof gerbilarium ready to go with a custom made bed I've fashioned from a wide log toy with a child's hard page book as a lid (one of those baby books with solid pages, no plastic coating).

Plan A:
Wait till Mum is out of the nest and gently removing some old nest and babies from the bottom of the hut and place with additional clean bedding in the log home (in tank). Then transfer Mum + 2 juvenile pals to new tank. Offer the plastic snap on bed as an alternative.

Or Plan B:
Move current hut + everything into new tank, bed out the log, hope mum moves the babies herself into the log and if not gently remove them after they have settled and place them in the log bed.

Or Plan C:
Leave everything where it is for longer and then do plan A or B!

Or Plan D:
Borrow some of my daughter's tooth fairy dust, sprinkle on the hut, say abracadabra and wait for a miracle....


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    I'd go with plan B. I don't think mum will get too upset if the babies are still in the house of her choice when you move them. She will then have chance to get used to the new cage and log house and also put some of her scent on it. If you do decide to transfer the babies to the log house, definitely transfer some of the old bedding too.
  • I went with plan B and they're in. I'm sad to see them in such a small space after having 4 floors to muck about on but it's only for a couple of weeks.

    I'll add more toys but wanted a few hours to see how they use what's there before piling it choca.
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