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URGENT!! Mum has died.

Please help. I've just gone to try and move the beds over as planned and found the babies mum dead. All 4 babies are still alive but Mum has rigormortis so I imagine that they have not had milk for a few hours.

I have nothing ion and no clue what to do. I also have a 6 yr old just gone to bed so I'm stuck in the house.

I'm gutted, there's 4 little babies and it feels like I can do nothing except watch them die.


  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
    Posts: 153
    :( Do you have any cat milk? Don't give them cow's milk as they're intolerant to it, but I've heard of people raising mice by having them lick kitty milk from a paintbrush.

    If you don't have kitty milk (you can get it from the supermarket), maybe very diluted ribena or something would be better than nothing? Really sorry to hear about their mum. :(
  • I'm sorry to hear that. I've no personal experience but remember reading these links when we had a litter and I hope they help

    (Before anyone asks - yes I'm so paranoid when pups are anywhere near me that I find it reassuring to have a vague idea of the basics of hand rearing if its ever needed)
  • _mousequeen!_mousequeen! Legacy
    Posts: 120
    thanks for those links kyril!
    Havent been on in a while but as sugarplum bought them to me, was looking for tips!

    They are taking milk but im finding it fairly hard to make them got to the toilet...

    We'll see how it goes
  • I just came back to update!! I can't thank Mousequeen enough but I suspect I'm still going to try!

    I knew I was really stuck because with a kid upstairs asleep I was literally stuck indoors. My ex brought some cat milk but we couldn't get them to take any and I had failed previously with water so felt pretty hopeless. I also had work the next day and it's the nature of my job that some days I cannot not be off without a very real human cost too.

    My ex thought his girlfriend had found someone that had raised mice and she hadn't got work the next day, plus he could deliver them if anyone experienced came forward - I couldn't due to sleeping kid. I sent links to Notts nibblers, primrose and 2 rat rescues just in case. Notts nibblers were the first to respond.

    They've never not been wanted but I was overwhelmed and under experienced once they were orphaned. I've never sheltered my 6yr old from anything but at one point last night I thought I would be talking to her about us either leaving them to dehydrate or taking them to be gassed and honestly it was the first time through many deaths I was stumped how to go about it.

    There's always a place for them here but what's right for them and Mousequeen comes first. I can't help feeling it's a long shot.

    I wish I knew why Bear died, she looked so glossy and well. I've wondered if she retained some placenta but I'm also worried that the stress of the cage move did it - it's so ironic because I don't think I could have put more thought into how and when to move them but it might ultimately be what caused this.
  • _mousequeen!_mousequeen! Legacy
    Posts: 120
    Dont worry about it Sugarplum, it is a very difficult situation!

    Sometimes mice pass for reasons we cant see as thier size makes it very hard for us ti completely understand what is going on with them,

    We have 2 girls and 2 boys, Though I am not going to post up any pics until (fingers crossed) they have been here for 3 days x
  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    My heart goes out to you Sugarplum. What an awful thing to happen but well done Mouse queen on stepping up to give these babies a fighting chance to live xx
  • _Jon_Jon Legacy
    Posts: 24
    Good Lord - just read this thread.

    What a shame about Bear. Do you have an update on the pups?
  • You did the right thing sugarplum, you've given them all the chance you can and it won't be your fault that Bear died.

    Good luck with the pups mousequeen! I'm glad the links were some help too
  • Thats great, I hope they continue to make it :)
  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    That is encouraging. They sound like a determined little bunch, let's hope they have the strength to keep fighting
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    Just catching up on this thread, have fingers, toes and eyes crossed for them. :)
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
    Posts: 303
    Everything crossed here too - good luck Flo, hope it's going well :)
  • _Nicky_Nicky Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Fingers crossed for the lovely babies x
  • Even getting them this far is an amazing achievement. I really hope they make it for you :)
  • _Jon_Jon Legacy
    Posts: 24
    Fantastic! Just seen the pictures - so sweet.

    Keep up the fight - you're doing well.
  • I'm sorry to hear that some of the babies have died. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the others
  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    So sorry :( :hug: You all did everything you could x
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    I'm sorry to hear this. Run free little ones. :hug:
  • _Nicky_Nicky Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Sorry to hear that two have died.
  • I'm really sorry to hear that :(
  • _mousequeen!_mousequeen! Legacy
    Posts: 120
    It was a very difficult day for me on Tuesday.
    Thank you all for your kind words x
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