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Help! Advice needed

Just seeking some advice. One of my mice had a litter probably a week and half ago everything was going fine until the last few days. My little mousey had a litter of 5 they were healthy and i started handling them everything was good. Then i checked on them yesterday then there was only 2 left. I checked on them today and now there are no more and the nest they were in has been totally cleaned up. I checked all underneath the bedding and nothing. This is the second litter this mouse has had and there were no complications with the first. Could the babies have escaped or is it more likely that the mother has killed them? The babies hadn't opened there eyes yet and were slowly learning to crawl. I had a few nannies from a previous litter from the same mom and they were great nannies for them. Can anyone please tell me what could have gone wrong or if they could have escape. Thanks!


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    If you're sure she hasn't just moved them to a nest elsewhere in the cage I think it's probable they were eaten, maybe due to the mum feeling stressed about something or maybe having the litters too close together and not having enough milk. If the babies were starting to explore outside the nest, it is possible they escaped. What sort of cage do they have, would they be able to squeeze through the bars?
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
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    MOD NOTE: merged duplicate threads into this one.

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your mice :(

    I think it's unlikely they escaped at that age, so I'm afraid the most likely explanation is that one of the adults did dispose of them. Habitrail and modular systems aren't a good environment for raising babies in imo, and depending on what and how they are connected I think it's most likely overcrowding or stress related. Rodent mums will dispose of litters if they feel stressed, overcrowded or underfed - or if they have too many litters without time to recover each time. If they share the airspace with any other animals (rats, or other predators) that could also be a key factor.

    It could also just be an unfortunate thing that happened.

    This is predominately a pet-based forum, but we do have a few breeders on here that might be able to give more insight if they see this thread.
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