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Is my mouse pregnant?

Maybe I'm just suspicious, but today I started to think Aria was pregnant. I only got her yesterday, and I've never seen a pregnant mouse before, so maybe I'm over-thinking it. Today, she has pretty much non-stop been digging around, shuffling bedding around in kind of nesting behavior. She's also a bit rounder than I remember my past mice being but maybe she's just a little overweight. Figures I'll ask you guys just incase. Better safe than sorry. Pictures is difficult as she wont keep still, and maybe the picture angles makes it look worse than she is, I don't know. D:



  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    It's very difficult to tell from the photos. All you can do is count 21 days from the time you brought her home and breathe a sigh of relief if she doesn't produce any babies in that time.
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