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hello, I bought 4 mice two weeks ago. I bought them when they were 6 weeks old. Three females and a male. Im not sure if one of my females is pregnant or not. She is acting differently to the others. I've noticed that she is a lot fatter than the other females. She has been using the bedding and sawdust to make little beds around the cage. She doesn't sleep with the other mice she has made a little bed just outside the coconut that the others hide but she does sleep with the male. I've seen the male carry food to the female before. It was really cute :). Anyway, does anyone have advice? Also when are they sexually mature? And lastly, this is my first forum ever!



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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Your mice are very sweet and I look forward to hearing a lot more about them.

    I think males tend to mature quicker than females but it's normal to split baby boys from baby girls by 4-5 weeks to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I'm guessing you actually want your girls to have babies but in an ideal world they're not really quite old enough to cope with having a litter of babies to raise (they'll still be growing themselves). It's better to wait until they are about 12 weeks old and then consider carefully how many babies both you and they would be able to cope with. If all your girls were pregnant at the same time you could easily end up with around thirty babies and when the males start to mature it's quite common for them to fight badly with each other so you might have to get separate cages for them all.

    In the event that one of your girls is already pregnant (and that does sound quite possible) I'd be tempted to remove the male and put him in a separate cage for now. Put all the girls on pregnancy watch for the next 21 days and keep your fingers crossed that the girls have small litters or aren't pregnant. If they look like they're building nests then it's a good idea to provide plenty of soft paper bedding for them.
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