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Name of Substrate: Megazorb

Description of Substrate: Brown wood pulp, like smaller pieces of carefresh

Size of Bag: 85L approx. 12kg

Cost approx: ?10

How to get hold of it: I can get it for ?8.25 from my local country store. Costs about ?12 when delivered from horse supply or country store websites.

Smell: Weird: Some people say it is like sick or cheese?(don't see it myself) but I find it like the smell of a wooden DIY workshop?

Pros: Quite Absorbent so it doesn't have to be cleaned out as much and the bag sizes are larger so they don't need to be bought as often. Its cheap considering the price of other substrates. I find that its good for digging and holding tunnels etc.

Cons: Bags are full of dust so for baby mice it could be a risk for respiratory problems(should be ok) and it can have a peculiar smell

Notes: I love this for my hamsters but it smells different with my mice and I really don't like the smell with mice urine I guess. But its the best thing since sliced bread for the hams.


Overall Mark out Of 10: 7


  • _Jon_Jon Legacy
    Posts: 24
    I've been using Megazorb for several years now, after various experiments with other types.

    The dust is a bit of an issue sometimes, but it's a lot better than some and the cost is reasonable.

    I get the odd bag that smells a bit like dung, but that's usually if they've got damp (which was more common in the old sacks they used).

  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    Posts: 274
    My experiences with megazorb have been mostly positive, but it varies a lot by supplier. If they move relatively quickly off the shelves, I think the dust content is low - if you are one of the few that orders it and it's been waiting around for some time, it can be a problem (but one that is contained to the bottom of the bag).

    Smell wise, with the exception of one bag that smelt pretty bad, they've had an aroma a bit like faint butterscotch so not an issue.

    One of the better options for me in Oxfordshire, but variable by location I think!
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