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Name of Substrate: Fitch

Description of Substrate: Soft white recycled paper substrate

Size of Bag: 20kg(can be supplied in 10kg aswell)

Cost approx: ?17(inc. delivery from fitch recycling)

How to get hold of it: Ordered directly from Fitch Recycling website not sure whether you can get it from country stores, my local store does not :(

Smell: Normal, it does not have a particular smell.

Pros: Highly absorbent and so so so soft its untrue so the cage doesn't need to be cleaned out as often. It comes in a large bale size and its good for rodents to nest in as they just adore the softness of it. I find its quite good at holding structures such as nests and tunnels in the cage.

Cons: If you have a white rodent, this may be a problem as the bedding is super-white and you may have to play a game of hide and seek every time you get him or her out and it is harder to get hold of. The price is a draw back as well as you can get much cheaper substrates from local suppliers.

Notes: It's good but I do not use it as I can get other substrates for much cheaper from my local country store.


Overall Mark out Of 10
: 8.5


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    I think the idea of a review of substrates is a good one. Poor Zany and PV must be finding it difficult to keep up with our enthusiasm for templates though.

    I must try this Fitch sometime.
  • Posts: 0
    I have a few things I thought it'd be helpful to add to this.

    Smell - I kinda have to disagree because I found the smell quite strong at first, it seemed sort of plastic-y to me when I opened the first bale which is wierd as its got nothing to do with plastic as far as I can tell. The bale stopped smeling fairly quickly and the pets never seemed to mind. Now we're all used to it but getting used to it took me a while.

    Quality - I've been really happy with it since I ordered, got one bale and then bulk bought after that so I've not needed to order in over a year. That said, over the past few months I've heard the quality has decreased and I've heard from a few who don't seem as happy as they were. I haven't bought it recently enough to have experience of the change though.

    With the price its worth noting that it does get cheaper if you buy a few bales at once but I know most people can't store 160kg (or more) of substrate around the house lol

    I really like it but I don't know what I'll think when I find out what the quality has changed to and I did seriously consider changing substrates instead of reordering. Oh and its useful to know that its not always in stock on the website, sometimes it goes out of stock and that does mean its probably safest to try and order early if you think you'll want more soon.

    superwolf - I'd be happy to send you some once I've reordered but I don't think I'll be ordering again for a few weeks yet to be honest (and there's still a chance I'll find something else to change to in the meantime)
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    I'll try and remember to let you know when I reorder then :) Might be that someone else can send you some sooner but if not then you can definetly get a sample eventually :) (I've now realised I can just buy one bale to check the quality before ordering lots so I will definetly be reordering in a few weeks and can definetly send some once I have)
  • _Susie_Susie Legacy
    Posts: 290
    I love fitch. Best bedding I've ever used!
    I find that it's especially fantastic for mice... very little odour from them and they love building nests with it
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