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All Living Things (Petsmart Brand) Fresh White Paper Bedding

The price of bedding is more than Critter Care from WalMart, but it's worth it if you want less dust and fresher smelling air in your room! It ranges from 6.99 on the Petsmart website for a 10 L bag, and for a 21 L bag it's 10.99

This bedding is very soft and not too dusty either. (Softer than Critter Care!) I like how its finely shredded so my mouse can burrow whenever and however he pleases.

He's made a huge mound of bedding around his Itty Bitty Igloo to trap himself inside but of course because the bedding isn't too thick or hearty, he can easily get out. (Though I did have to help him once before!) Mortimer and I are both pleased with this and I was begging my mom to buy more of it, and she agreed.

My only con for this bedding is that its a white colour and I have a white mouse! So its hard to get pictures of the Little Guy time to time, unless you really look hard enough...



Hope you liked this review!
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