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Substrate name: TumbleFRESH

Description: Pelleted surplus virgin wood pulp, paper like feel.

Size of bag/bale: 8.5 litres

Availability (place/places purchased from): Purchsed from Swallow Aquatics, Rayliegh, Essex. Also available on line, possibly cheaper.

Cost: ?4.99

Pros: nice neutral fresh smell, a little goes a long way. Dust extracted, states 250% absorbent, reduces odours (which incredibly it actually does) waste can be used for composting, environmentally friendly.

Cons: Expensive if you have multiple cages.

Summary: I love this substrate and changed from shavings (original owners advice) because of the pungent smell of mice urine, the smell immediately ceased when I started using TF. The mice can dig and move freely in it and the scratching that they did while on the shavings has reduced by 70%, just what I would consider is normal grooming from them now. As a keen gardener I love that it can be used in the garden when disposing and acts as a slug deterrent due to its moisture absorbing qualities. Easy to clean toilet corners daily too with no damp residue on cleaning apparatus - in fact, if I didn't know where their toileting corner was I wouldn't be able to locate it, as it feels as dry as the rest of the substrate.

Overall marks out of 10: 10 - for my three girls I really can't fault it. :)
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