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Substrate name: EasiChick

Description: Recycled wood bedding

Size of bag/bale: 10kg

Availability (place/places purchased from): Amazon

Cost: ?10.49


[li]Low to no odor[/li]
[li]Loose substrate that can be burrowed into[/li]


[li]You need to make sure you're buying the non-pine variety[/li]

A cheap bedding that I use for almost all my animals. My mice seem very happy on it, and like to push it around to make little mountains, my rats I've also caught pushing it about. It has a really low odor, I can't smell my rats or my male mice on it! My snake also loves to burrow in it. It's the best bedding I have used so far, and all my animals seem to agree! Just ensure you're NOT buying the pine variety.

Overall marks out of 10: 9/10
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