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Substrate name: Fleece

Description: Fleece material

Size of bag/bale: Whatever size fits your cage(s)

Availability (place/places purchased from): Online, fabric shops (I got mine from a fabric shop in Edinburgh where the cut two 1m pieces for me)

Cost: Depends on where you get it from, can probably recycle fleece clothing

Pros: Soft, wicks wet down so mice aren't sitting on urine, can be cleaned in washing machine and therefore no need to buy substrate to replace clean out, completely dust free

Cons: Not natural looking, cannot be used to dig food in, may get nibbled at

Summary: I really enjoy having fleece for my mouse's substrate, she uses Carefresh in two corners of the cage for potties. The only place she has nibbled at the fleece has been in her nest area, but this was stopped by putting some cardboard on top of the fleece, under her hay so she could nibble that instead.
Using fleece has been very effective for me as by not having to buy bedding to replace what has to be cleaned out, I have more money to be able to put aside for vet bills.

Overall marks out of 10: 10


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    Is it only polar fleece you should use with mice? I think that's the case with hamsters, not sure about mice
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