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Creative ideas

I'm not a creative person and was wondering if some of you could give me some ideas of things that would be fun for the mice ( and Alfie the hamster ) to play with.

They all get out of their cages and I put boxes inside boxes and let them play with carboard tubes, etc...They also have lots of wheels and toys, but I'd like to stimulate them, so any tips and ideas would be gratefully received.


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    Have you tried the "no sew" hammock for the mice? It's not the most exciting toy, but something new can be fun.

    For Alfie you could put a nut in an egg box filled with shredded paper so he has to chew in then search to find it, that's quite cute to watch. Not sure the mice would have that much interest (mine are quite lazy :oops:).
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    Some great ideas. The Oxo boxes have proved popular, although Alfie got bored and only showed interest again, when I opened one end and he realised he could get to the sunflower seeds. His nickname is Mr Lazy! The mice had it torn apart in minutes. Have yet to try the pea fishing, but it sounds fun and I'll look up the new sew hammock. They are so spoiled! Many thanks for your suggestions.:D
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