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Has anyone tried this lately? I last used it about 3 years ago, and was horrified to find massive amounts of metal/plastic in it. At the Bradford Champs (or Burgess Small Animal show as it is now!) the company tried to give me a sample, and I said no based on previous experience...but the guy got talking and said all the stuff for sale in the UK is now made in a "brand new" plant (it used to be made in an old one in Aus) and that all the raw material is from the UK (it used to be the rather mysterious "grade 2" paper sorted in China) which tends to be newspaper returns/over runs. Anyway I took a sample in the we'll see.

He did freak me out a bit about bio-catolet though, one of the "ingredients" is apparantly babies nappies (unused!). I'm fairly sure this is true, as I downloaded something from the bio-catolet site where they'd come top on an independent test, and that has the description "it's all to do with industrial waste from the production of corrugated cartons and fleece products, like babies' nappies". So you end up with some of the absorbant granules mixed in, which I'm not sure are really great to use with a small furry that might eat them.

I also had a look at some stuff called "Kritter's Crumble" made from coconut husks that seemed kinda interesting. I wasn't quite convinced enough to buy it (I didn't think it would be burrowable for the hams), but a small amount in bits of the cage might add an interesting new texture for them to explore. One of the big selling points seemed to be that it absorbs 400x is own weight in water, I like to think I clean my beasties around before they are at risk of having that much wee floating around the cage!!


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    ooo thats interesting and a bit disgusting with the babies nappies in biocatoilet I used to use that with my dwarf hamsters and never had any issues but you just never know do you.

    I haven't heard of the back to nature cages I saw the 'woodlands' range that came out last year or possibly the year before can't quite remember the brand names of it
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