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Cage opinions wanted

Hey everyone,

As I posted in the memorial section, I am now down to just two girls. They are living in a Freddy, and they just look a bit lost in it. They don't seem to use all the space, though I am not sure if they're just re-adjusting to having one less friend. I was debating moving them to a Cambridge, which is really a huge decrease in room which is what has made me "hmm" rather than just going for it. I've had Phantom and Bandit for a year and they were approx 3 months old when I got them, so although they aren't "elderly", they are getting close to slowing down age.

Anyone have advice/thoughts?


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    I would leave them to adjust for a bit, you might find they change their minds and start to make great use of the space :)
    Then if not, you at least know you tried x
  • _Emms_Emms Legacy
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    I've got my two boys in a Hamster Heaven - same footprint as the Freddy that my girls are in but not as high. They love the tubes now they are used to them *rolls eyes* and there is still room for hangy climby things, but it's not so overwhelmingly big
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