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Making a viv...

OK I've not got very far yet, but figured I'd do a "step by step" post and track what I've done and how much it has cost etc :P Measurements are in mm.

I'm now the proud owner of 6 bits of wood! I started off with a 2440 x 610 x 15 bit of white conti board (?13.68), which nice Mr B&Q man cut into a 610 x 610 piece (the back), 610 x 500 (base) and 2 610 x 485 bits (sides). Then a short strip, 610 x 50 to put on the base at the front, and an off cut. The bit at the bottom is to keep the cost of the perspex "doors" down - when I wanted them full height it all got a bit too expensive (cheapest quote for two bits was ?20!), any taller and I thought scraping out the soiled substrate would be a pain.


This is the plan I'm working to...the slightly silly height is due to only being able to find 18mm high sawn timber for the frame, and wanting to get the full 610mm "usable" internal height.


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    Looking good - bet little guy will be happy in there :)

    The bit at the bottom tends to be about 10cm in pre-made vivs, the one I've ordered (because I'm no good at DIY projects like this!) we've gone for a 20cm one just so we can give them a bit more to burrow in.

    Need some photos once you've started work :)
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    Stage 1 complete..."main" wooden frame screwed together. Mid way through the drilling of holes for screws I suddenly thought that this is probably what the blood service meant by "don't do heavy work" after giving blood today, so called it a night without making the mesh top (since that will involve sawing and lots of mesh clipping).

    Photo quality is terrible, my apologies, but Mike has taken the camera to Chicago so I am left with my mobile.


    eta - for scale the diameter of the wheel is 20cm (though looks teeny!). Internal height is 61cm, depth 48.5cm and width 58 cm.
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    Looking really good so far. Better watch out though or you'll have lots of requests from the less DIY minded of us.

    Our little chap has one of those hideaway logs too.
  • _geordiesmice_geordiesmice Legacy
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    I would fix a piece of wood at one end about 2 to 2.5 inches high width of the Faunarium to put there bedding in so they can go in there too hide or have a rest etc because mice do like to hide occasionally.Or put a finch nest box in fixed on a scew for them too sleep in they will use it.I bought some of the large expo faunariums with lots of ventilation in the lid there good.
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    That looks brilliant! Well done I_N :wiggle:
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    Grumpy grumpy.

    Just picked up my runners from the post office, they are the wrong size. Checked the seller's return policy and they insist items are sent back recorded delivery, and will only refund the cost of the item MINUS the ebay and paypal fees they had to pay! I've sent a message and hope they will be a bit more reasonable, I don't see why I should be out of pocket for their mistake - I'll pay return costs if I absolutely have to but I'm not happy paying the extra for recorded!

    I know it's really my fault for leaving it until tonight to finish, but as I don't get home from work until gone 7 (but figured I'd leave an hour earlier 'cos it's Friday!), and the sorting office closes at 7 I didn't really have any other option! But then it would have been fine if they were 4mm like I ordered.

    ETA - pic!

    Here it is with the "front door" missing. The frame is all built...just waiting for the right runners and away we go!

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    For pics see here and here.

    Final costs:

    Contiboard ?13.68
    Screws ?3.17
    Mesh ?4.95
    Planed timber for lid & "door frame" ?5.80
    Glass ?12
    Glass runners ?4.70 (I think you could get these cheaper from B&Q, they're called double U or double oo or something - but I wanted black).
    Neodymium magnets ?2.97 (these are used to hold the top and door closed, and in addition to small wooden supports to keep the shelf held up).

    So it did come in at under ?50.

    Bits I haven't priced as I already had:
    Hinges (x 5). Bought a "catering sized" pack of these a couple of years ago for another project.
    Glue - used along with the nails for the main frame, also to fix the bottom panel in the door.
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