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Picking your brains

Im going to be putting the girls in their freddy this weekend (now they are all big enough :D ), sooooo I was wanting to pick all your brains, what do you put in your cages, Im not talking about stuff bought from the pet shop, Im talking about all those things you see in shops and think ohh that will be great for the meeces, so far Ive got some flexi tubes, wheels, a noahs ark, some hammocks, loads of igloos and beds and its got two big shelves in it off a different cage (because they are bigger shelves and I like them :oops: ). Anyone got any more ideas?


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    Hi nicemice! First of all I would say puting in full shelving and ramps in this larger cage is a must. Not only because it splits the levels and long drops, but it adds to the actual floor space, so makes the cage bigger in terms of running room.

    From the accessories you have destribed all sounds fine to me. :D Tea and square tissue boxes, fleece cubes/houses, cardboard tubes, at least one silent spinner (but two if you want) and line your shelves with one sheet of newspaper. I do this on the top shelf of my Gabber cage and change it every few days. It soaks up any urine and is cheap to replace, although I also have lino-offcuts under this which covers the actual barred shelves aswell. The newspaper is just to soak up any urine or stray poops!

    Remember the cardboard egg boxes! ;) I ordered 60 egg boxes from a online website just recently as the girls love playing in them and was fed up having to buy six eggs everytime I needed a new box! :oops:
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