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New Type of Wheel

Not that my meeces need anymore toys, but I came across these on Equine Canine Feline tonight...



They seem to be of a similar design to the Wodent wheels that I know a lot of people are fond of, but they have larger openings. What do you think? I think that I would go for these whereas I wouldn't go for the wodent wheels.


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    Don't know what I make of those but I do need to get a rat wheel for our new boys. I'm going to spend a little while looking around and reading reviews first. My favourite for the mice has to be the flying saucer and I've also bought a giant one in prep for our Degu boys that have yet to arrive.
  • _geordiesmice_geordiesmice Legacy
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    Some ofmy mice have wheels and they are metalthere safe the mice love them, they cant chew them , they cant tip the wheel over either which they can do with lighter plastic ones.My spiny mice are never off the wheels two in at a time and one on top:lol:
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