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Cage advice!

Hey there,

I'm in need of some advice regarding cages, at the RSPCA centre I got my girls from, I was told that they would be fine to live in a plastic cage for a little while (I dont have a spare, suitable wired one!) until I can afford to buy one in a couple of weeks.

However, I've quickly noticed they need a lot more space and room to climb etc. I was looking at this rat cage;

but I just need some advice on it. I can't really afford much more than that til the end of the month but they need a new cage fast!

Thanks for any help


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    I really like that cage - it looks like good value for money. People tend to advise the girls like more height, but I would have no qualms using that for a pair. There's still room to be creative with toys.
  • _geordiesmice_geordiesmice Legacy
    Posts: 17
    The items like the plastic tunnel, shelf the mice will probably chew too bits mine did.I prefer tanks there easier too keep clean and you can view your mice better you have room too add levels in a tank also.
  • _Anthony_Anthony Legacy
    Posts: 131
    Won a ruffy 2 on eBay for 3 quid. Went to pick it up! The mice love it. :mrgreen:
  • _Anthony_Anthony Legacy
    Posts: 131
    Well, I actually won it for 8 but I had a free eBay voucher for 5 because i had problems with a buyer and eBay gave me it to say sorry :/ still a bargain though! Only cost me 3 and i got a free food bowl that says 'RATS' on it! Woo.
  • _daffee_daffee Legacy
    Posts: 12
    Wow, what a bargain. You'll have to post some pics!
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