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best toy I've ever given my girls (after the silent spinner!)

Honestly, my girlies go bonkers for this.... they make little tunners in the bottom of it, drag carrots out of it and so forth. They spend hours in it.

Just thought I'd pass on a recommendation :-D


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    I keep seeing those and thinking they look rather cute. I didn't think mice (or hamsters) would work out how to play with something like that. I shouldn't underestimate them!
  • _Emms_Emms Legacy
    Posts: 207
    I've seen that before too, and never thought of getting it for the mice! I'll have to try it, I'm constantly looking for new things to keep them amused! Thanks for the tip :)
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
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    The carrots don't seem to be 'bunny tossed' but are certainly dotted round the cage. They just seem to enjoy chwing it and making little tunnels inside it. I bought a mini one first and it was enjoyed so much that when they're officailly destroyed it (as my girls tend to do) I upgraded... I honestly have never seen them use anything so much, theyy even use it perhaps more than the wheel. Can't recommend it enough

  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    Hmmm.... my terrors tore it up quite quickly but they still play and chew what's left of it. I've had it about 2 months and it's still there... doesn't look quite as pretty but still entertaining them for hours! :-D
  • _daffee_daffee Legacy
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    We've got one of these as a free-range toy for the rats, but had never thought of letting the mice loose with it!
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