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Can cages be too big?

Im wanting to put Pip and a new room mate or Bob and his new room mate (when the room mates arrive ;-)) in a Freddy that Ive just *cough* accidentally bought:oops:, they are already in big cages so I dont have to move them if its not advisable but would this be ok for just two males?
image not sure if its a Freddy or a Freddy 2 (or if theres even any difference :oops:) Before I get shouted at for buying any more cages (this is aimed at you Roz :wink: ) it was only ?5 :-o .


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    Freddys are Freddy 2s but only because there's now a Freddy 3, which is taller. I've heard people say there is such a thing as giving males too much space as they will divide the cage into separate territories. However I have a pair of males in a Leon cage, the same height as a Freddy but not as wide, and have never had any problems with them. I think it is best though to gradually increase cage size rather than doing a big jump, although you say your current cages are quite big.

    I hope that makes sense, I do tend to waffle and I assume most people understand my logic when they almost never do. :oops:
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    nicemice" post=912 said:
    Before I get shouted at for buying any more cages (this is aimed at you Roz :wink: ) it was only ?5 :-o .
    :shock: Me?!?! I wouldn't dream of telling you off!!! It would make me a hypocrite when I've got a dozen on my watch list :lol:
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    Nice Mice I love your clip for opening the door on the Guinea pig cage. I always used to cut myself trying to open my meshed cages and never thought of doing that. I did have some cable tie loops to open a meshed zoozone which worked well for that but not for any other cage.
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