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Zoozone Cages

Hi all
Ok il give a quick explaination. My cat has figured out how to open the door to the room where we keep the small furries.
My hamster Pixie has chewed a hole in the side of her cage and has now escaped 3 times. She just keep eating or moving the bockages we put there.
The 4 girls live in a two tier imac Fantasy and iv discovered today that 3 of the 4 girls have had there tails damaged and I think it the cat. Basically two of them are now missing the ends of their tails and the 3 rd looks like she has had the top layer or two of skin taken off about half her tail.
They are on antibiotics.
I feel terrible for everyone. So our plan was to put the hammie in the Imac, even though she bars chews like theres no tomorrow, as she cant eat her way out.
To block the hole and put the mice in the zoozone, thus protecting them from the cat.

What im looking for is ideas on how to set it up? Ropes, etc



  • _daffee_daffee Legacy
    Posts: 12
    If it were me I'd look at how to keep the cat out of the room, as if he is attacking them then he should be kept away. I'm not sure how the cat opens the door, but maybe a small lock would be a better solution?
  • _vicky1804_vicky1804 Legacy
    Posts: 23
    We are actually moving out in 3 weeks to live with my mam for 5 weeks before moving to London.
    The cat will possibly have to live elsewhere for the time at my mams and when we move we have a secure room for them to go into which the cat cant get in. It already has a lock on.

    We have no idea how he opens doors either. He sleeps downstairs some night with the living room and bedroom door shut but somehow gets in to wake me up.

    If things dont improve the hamster will end up in a tank.I call her She demon :evil: now.Honestly never had a hamster like her! She can be so tempremental, she was my sisters xmas pressie but supposedly she kept biting.
  • Posts: 0
    I used imac fantasy cages for hams (robos, WW and campbells) for 3 or 4 years and never had an escape. Also had a few rescue syrians live in them with no issues apart from major bar biting despite 3 stories! As long as you make sure the round things on the roof are secure for a syrian I don't think you'll have problems.

    Mice in a ZZ I'd really only suggest as a temporary measure, so I can't see a big issue with having them in there for a couple of months. OK this is one experience, but when I got my welshies I had them in a ZZ2 as they were all potentially pregnant, and they stayed in there until everyone had grown enough to stay in a Freddy. Their behaviour changed so much with the increased climbing oppertunities and they really did seem to be having more fun so I wouldn't use a tank again as a long-term solution.
  • _geordiesmice_geordiesmice Legacy
    Posts: 17
    Does the zooozone have its water bottle on suction pads sticking through the side of the zoozone like the ferplast hamster duna cage does? My multi mamates were in a duna cage and they chewed a big hole and escaped where the water bottle fits.
  • Posts: 258
    We had a group of mums and babies that did the exact same thing. I came in to find one mouse sat on a neighbouring cage. They'd made the hole overnight. Now I don't know what to do with the cage as it seems such a waste to chuck it.
  • _vicky1804_vicky1804 Legacy
    Posts: 23
    Well they have been in the Zoozone for a while and even the younger girls appear to be enjoying it.
    I have a few ideas in mind for putting in some ropes. I have given them the massive 8 inch wheel my hammie used to have and I sat and watched 3 of them running side by side the other day. It looked great lol

    Unfortuantly I came home tday after spending the night at my mams and gorgeous lil Munchie has gone to the bridge :angel:
  • _Emms_Emms Legacy
    Posts: 207
    I'm sorry to hear that Vicky :(
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    My cage I bought damaged and mended the plastic nicely using perspex. Well... my boyfriend did, being the handy man that he is!
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