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A request!

After reading Nicemice's "mislabelled" thread again today, I had an idea :P

I thought it might be nice to have a static webpage (rather than just a forum topic) showing a variety of household items installed in cages or in use by mice (such as in a playpen) that we know are really mouse toys in disguise. Hopefully one day the forum will be busy enough that threads disappear from the first page in each subforum, but finding things on the pages should always be easy. So, my request is for "donations" of photos (and descriptions of what things "really are") that I can put together to make an article. The only "human" item I have in my own cage is a much loved golden syrup tin (I have no idea why they like this better than all other solid "hidey-holes!) which isn't really that inventive on my part.


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    What a great idea :D
    Unfortunately I don;t have any creative ideas to add, but I'll really look forward to seeing others when its done!
  • _nicemice_nicemice Legacy
    Posts: 366
    I will take some pics when I clean the cages out this week, bu is this the sort of thing youre looking for? Its supposed to be a shape sorter apparently.
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    A naturals willow basket for rabbits, but its so obviously meant to be a hanging basket for climbing and sleeping in ;)
    I have lots of metal clips so I attached a couple to the handle, you could attach clip to both sides if you wanted.
    Although the hams have yet to get their lazy bums out of bed to investigate :)
  • _Emms_Emms Legacy
    Posts: 207
    My mice decimate willow toys and baskets :(

    I spotted a wire chicken in my local charity shop yesterday that is clearly meant for meecicles to climb on and play in. It needs a wash, but I'll post some pics when I give it to them :)
  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
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    So the picture isn't very clear I don't think, but you can see in the centre a little woodhouse made from children's building blocks that I put together with a some glue :D The mice loved it - apparently it made a good chew toy :-/

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    This is still on my to do list! You are an inventive lot aren't you?
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