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Decided to downsize the cage a little

Right now, I`m using quite a large cage (Gabber Jolly Rat cage) which I modified the doors on and placed full shelving into. I`ve used this cage now for a good few years, but now that I`m contemplating only keeping two females at any one time, I thought about puting this cage into storage and using my Pennine Rat Starter cage (which Maisy currently resides in) to house only two. However, I will be on the lookout for a cage that has a bigger footprint, but is`nt too high or heavy.

When I started keeping mice, my little males loved being in their Pennine cages and I could get them all out in the evenings on the bed for play-times, but I`ve found that since I switched to this larger Gabber cage, the mice seem to want to do their own thing and access can be a pain for me! Even when doing a full cage clean, it can be a cat and mouse chase to persuade the girls to come out! :roll:

So I`ve decided when Rosie and Betsy are no longer here, I will just keep Maisy in the cage she is in, the Pennine and once she has a wee friend, I can let them out each evening or every other evening to play. I`m finding that difficult to do with this bigger cage and much as I wanted to keep using it for new mice, I would rather compromise a bit of space and have better access and playtimes with the girls.

It`s not so much something I want to do, but feel I need to given my neck pain and lack of interaction. Maisy loves to run around on the bed while I clean her cage and her cage is so much easier for me to deal with. The Pennine has also had a full upper shelf put inside and also, a half shelf below this, so it does`nt look like the `half shelf cage` that you might see advertised. So by doing this, i`ve actually doubled it`s floor space by adding a full upper shelf. :)


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
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    I think I've spent more time contemplating about cages than anything else. I also wanted a cage that provided easy access and wasn't too heavy. I am limited by the width I have available in the bedroom (anything too wide and I won't be able to open the wardrobe) and whilst the cat is still alive, I can't keep the mice downstairs. Much as I like the Freddy cages, they are just too big. I also take the mice on holiday in the motorhome so all the cages have to fit in there.

    I must say I've been very happy with those extra large gerbilariums and the new Savic Bristol has been great for Pocket Mouse on his own.

    I think it will be worth the downsize for you if you can more easily handle the mice and it's easier to clean.
  • _Emms_Emms Legacy
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    I have my two boys in a HH and they love it - although I echo Kat's comments about the house, as you'll know from a previous post of mine :D I do think it's a brilliant cage for two or three mice :)
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    I kind of missed the beginning of this topic but I'll throw in my two cents.

    I am a big fan of the Hamster Heaven, especially the nice big door in the front. Like Ceretrea I don't use the houses, I found this just led to the top door bars getting chewed. I also don't use the tubing as, having so many mice, I want the cages as easy clean as possible. I mesh the holes in the roof where the tubes are meant to be. This also makes the cages stackable.

    In one of my HH I've made a shelf from a Rody metal roof and just cover it with cardboard.

    If you want a cheaper alternative Wilko sell a 'Rat Cage' that is H37.5cmxW80cmxD48.5cm
    Although I'm unsure about the doors and you may have to alter them.
    I know EquineCanineFeline sell big doors for adapting cages.
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