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Cutting down a freddy cage

I have a spare Freddy that I recently bought and I was considering cutting it down so its shorter and using it for Pip and Seudag, its just too big/tall at the moment and it will only be for the two meeces, I was wanting to make it around the height of a hamster heaven or therabouts. Has anyone done a freddy cut down or got any advice on doing one, cutting the bars etc? Any pics of a shortened cage would be wonderful.


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
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    Hi nicemice. I tend to use a small hacksaw on the thicker bars and also, a pair of wire cutters which sometimes have to be `twisted` backwards and forwards around a bar to `snip` it off. It`s slightly time consuming but worth doing. I will definately be shortening my Gabber cage soon as I feel it`s too tall and heavy for me, but will still be a fair size for three mice.

    Just be sure to think about where you want to cut it down to and stop to check each time you saw or snip off a bar to make sure your line is straight. I use the horizontal bars that run along the sides of the cage as a guide.
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    I cut a wire shelf out of an old Freddy, I used a junior hacksaw but it took bloody ages, the metal seemed so thick! A jigsaw with a metal cutting blade might be a better option - that's what I would have used if the angles made it possible.
  • _nicemice_nicemice Legacy
    Posts: 366
    Thanks everyone, very helpful tips :D
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