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Vertical tubes

Can mice climb vertical tubes? Its something Ive never had in the cage before but I found part of a hamster cage today when I was having a clear out and I was contemplating cable tying it to the bars of the cage to add a litle room within the cage, its accessed by a vertical tube though and I wasnt sure if mice can deal with them. I can get a picture of it if people are having trouble picturing what I mean.


  • _Emms_Emms Legacy
    Posts: 207
    If it's ridged or textured I would have thought they'd be able too...Whether they would come back down again is another matter though.

    When I first put my boys into the HH they happily hopped up into the top tube, but it took them ages of faffing about before they plucked up the courage to come back down again :D My husband was convinced they were going to be stuck there forever :roll:
  • _nicemice_nicemice Legacy
    Posts: 366
    I think I will give it a go but I might pop a strip of fleece in anyway just to make it easier for them, I will let you know how it goes, thankies for the replies :)
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