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Best cage for 2 mice. And one for 5 mice.

Having decided to keep my mice as a group of 5 and a pair I am now going to be sorting cages out.

My pair are in a savic cambridge right now as this was supposed to be temporary until they were bonded with the others but it is too small for them to be in forever.
What would be an ideal cage for 2 mice?

Then I have the group of 5 in a freddy 2 max but find it too tall, I cant reach into the top corners to put toys or anything and the mice dont seem to be bothered with the space and stay on the floor most of the time.
What would be a decent sized cage for 5 mice?
Or would I be cruel to take them out of the freddy 2 max? It just seems too huge to keep 5 teeny mice in! Plus I struggle to lift the top off to clean them out.

Any suggestions would be fab :)

oh and if anyone has any cages (for the 5 or pair) they want to swap for a freddy 2 max then please let me know. It comes with 2 pink corner shelves and 2 pink ladders.


  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
    Posts: 1,214
    a lot of people use freddy 2s for groups of mice.

    I use this:

    Although the wooden shelves are a bummer (plasticote needed) it is a great cage. I'm getting some plastic to make new shelves. Access to middle shelf isn't great but the cage is a brilliant size, quite light and has very narrow bar spacing.
  • Posts: 258
    I would say it depends on how active they are. I had a group of six elderly and lumpy girls in a hamster heaven that seemed perfectly content. They started off in a Freddy but as they became less able I was worried about them falling from the top of the cage so moved them into something shorter.
  • _5miceBHKRS_5miceBHKRS Legacy
    Posts: 31
    If you go on zoo-plus their will be a cage called small pet nogales I have my five female mice in their,it is really expensive but I found mine on eBay for ?36.00, it only had a little bit of damage! :wiggle: :mrgreen:
  • _Emms_Emms Legacy
    Posts: 207
    I have my two boys in an HH, and they love the tubes, although I did have to remove the penthouse (they chewed an escape route!!) I have a corner piece at each end inside the cage, and hanging/climbing things so that they can get in and out, and they happily go through them, and often make nests in the middle, so unless you need to stack on top of it, I wouldn't take them off.

    However, if it's a question of price, then obviously ignore all the above :D
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