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My New Mouse Cage

The hole to the bottom level

the bottom level up to the hole to the top level (& Ginny)

the entire right side

the wheel and food dish on the top level (Shadow on wheel & Bellatrix in the back)

nesting boxes on bottom level

entire left side

The Entire Cage is 3ft long, 2ft tall, and 10in deep. it hangs on my bedroom wall.

My Grandfather made this cage up after the loss of one of my mice that was killed when she became stuck in their old cage.


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
    Posts: 328
    That`s quite impressive Gremlin and I was going to ask what ventilation was like, but I can see you have mesh grills on the front so that`s great! ;)

    Might be a good idea to place a table under the unit though if it`s hanging from a wall incase it ever comes loose? Is it very securely attached?
  • _Gremlin_Gremlin Legacy
    Posts: 0
    awww thanks guys ^_^
    @racingmouse. yea i though of that as well. my dresser is now under it just i case. but its really bolted tight to the wall. its in studs and my grandfather put screw treds in so the screws wont come loose in anyway.
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