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Cage Dilemma

Ok, so I have been busy moving cages the other day and doing introductions. I moved a group of 6 from a hamster heaven into a Marchioro Jack 72. Now, it has less floor space (which I stupidly didn't notice until I was filling it with the toys and realised that things looked very cramped :evil:) but they are having a blast in the extra height and are charging up and down the bars. But I don't know whether to leave them there or put them back. My gut says to leave them as they are having so much fun and are so active, but I don't want to deprive them of floor space. I do have a freddy just now, but 3 of the girls in this group have ongoing health problems so I need to be able to find them quickly to give them their medicine when needed so unfortunately I don't feel that is an option.

And the second dilema - I introduced my two older girls Nibblet and Itsy to 3 others who are very placid. They are getting on famously well and it's been great seeing Nibblet and Itsy running around playing again - after losing their sisters they became very withdrawn. At present I introduced them in a hamster heaven (that the above group were in) which means that Nibblet and Itsy's Freddy is empty just now. I had been planning on putting the 5 girls back into the freddy after a few weeks of getting to know one another. But, with Nibblet and Itsy being older (19 months) and their new friends being so laid back and not so active, I was wondering if leaving them in the HH was an option? Nibblet and Itsy love the height, but they are getting older and only Izzy from the other 3 girls likes to climb (her sister Tizzy can't after hurting her ears from an infection :( and Fizzy prefers a wheel.) So do you think that leaving them in the HH would be ok? It gives the same floor space and still enough bars to play on without the risk that anyone older would get stuck.


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
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    I reckon the answer to the Jack 72 question will become obvious. If because of the lack of floor space, it needs cleaning out more often then they might be better off with the extra floor space after all. If there's no difference in smell, then I'd leave them to enjoy themselves.

    And I think Nibblet and Itsy will probably let you know if they are missing the height of the Freddy or if they are ready for a more sedate lifestyle.
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