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Savic Freddy - how many mice?

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry iv not been round for a while. We had a big move to London and because we have a flat mate we decided it wasn't fair on him if we took a lot of cages so we re-homed our mice.
Now we cannot live without a small furry so decided to keep one cage only.
At the moment we still have our hamster Rogan and I recently won a Freddy for ?5 on ebay.

Now when the time comes we are thinking of either mice or a pair of rats in it.

What we are wanting to know is depending on sex how may could we keep in the cage?
We had boy mice in the past that were as tame as possible but they were born here with us and we handled them from 2 weeks old so I do think it would be boys we would be interested in.

Would the cage be too big for just 2 - 3 boys?



  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Hello, it's good to hear from you again. I hope your move was stress free.

    As you probably remember, male mice can get on well with each other one minute and next minute be fighting each other to the death. Possibly the larger the cage, the more likely they are to claim and defend parts of it as their territory. Unless your boys are neutered you may find yourself keeping more than one cage if they needed to be split.

    On the other hand, a freddy is a great size for quite a large group of girls.
  • _vicky1804_vicky1804 Legacy
    Posts: 23
    Thank you, If we get mice again I think we will be more careful where we get them from. Even though we loved all our girls, we just couldn't get them to calm down and be happy with us.

    I had rats about 8 years ago and would love another pair but our flat mate isn't keen
    I will be working on him a bit more lol
  • Posts: 0
    I would go for something more Savic Cambridge sized for 2 (intact) boys. I had success keeping mine like that, but I did feel a bit mean when I compared them to the girl's cage. Then again they really seemed happy having company. I guess it's a balance between giving them the friends they enjoy, vs the space they would enjoy. Will a single mouse in a big cage be as happy as a pair of mice with less space? IMO it is a personal choice, as long as they have room for enrichment and aren't "stamping on each other's feet" then it's better than a lonely life.
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