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Best toys for mice?

Can someone tell me what in their opinion are the best toys for mice? I have a cocnut house suspended from the roof of their cage, 3 wheels, toilet rolls, a holey log, a tv and of course each other.

Sorry for posting it in "Introductions"! Only just realised that I had. :oops:


  • _Anthony_Anthony Legacy
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    1 of my mice loves climbing. We bought her one of those suspension bridges which hang from the top of the cage and has like dangly hoops and stuff, she loves it.

    I've found out of all of the animals I have (rats, hamsters and mice), mice are extremely easy to please and keep happy, they love carboard boxes and toilet roll tubes. We usually make little houses for them from carboard and stuff, and add levels into it by making cuts into it and then sliding the piece of carboard into it. They love it.
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    I would have to say cotton ropes and pieces of fleece to make into a hammock.
  • _Galaxy_Galaxy Legacy
    Posts: 714
    Thank you everyone who answered! :D I also put a mirror in their cage & I have actually caught them staring at their reflection! :lol:

    Am after getting the rope and the various puzzle playgrounds available.

    Want to get a load of cardboard boxes to make them an amazing maze. Have done that before and my past mice absolutely loved it! Want to make an assault course for them as have been watching way too many youtube videos of mice doing amazing things. I know my mice are clever & they need something to stimulate their little brains.

    As for the branches - aren't you sposed to use fruit tree branches because they are the safest?
  • _Anthony_Anthony Legacy
    Posts: 131
    Hey there,

    I would remove the mirror from your mouses cage. Funnily enough,I study linguistics and one of the modules I studied last year was called Language and Species. Mice (and most other animals - humans, apes, elephants and dolphans and a few other species (like some species of parrot) however, not many) don't have 'self-awareness'. This means that they do not have the mental capability to look into a mirror and recognise their reflection. When you mouse is staring at her/his reflection they don't know they are looking at their selves.

    I would hate to think that the mice could potentially be distressed because they think there are other mice in the cage!
  • _Galaxy_Galaxy Legacy
    Posts: 714
    Antony, my mice aren't stressed or cowed or any other kinda thing. They're "ooh - who's that?" They like tinkling the bell at the bottom of it & making it twist round.
    My mice love making their coconut house swing and jumping in it and going to sleep & they like their tv just so - so i leave it except when I clean it out & quickly it is back in the position they like it.

    Have been looking online and feel a need to go to pets at home. I remember when that shop used to have mice (going back about 20 years). Need a special shop just for mice with anything we can think of.
  • _Galaxy_Galaxy Legacy
    Posts: 714
    Mice are so under appreciated
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