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New cage for baby mice - old cage to add to the other cage

Have decided that I am going to keep my two baby mice seperate and have bought them a ferplast mini duna which they already love. Will add their old habitrail pod to the other bigger cage on Monday. Been to Pets at Home today where I bought the new cage & toys. So now the big cage has a rocket ship and a couple of those little ropes with the blocks on the end and a classic seesaw. Also bought the egg food for the babies & they're all over it like a rash. Still giving them the toilet rolls which is always a favourite & bought a box of cress today and put it in the cages (took a bit off for the babies) & of course they loved it. Will get some photos of the babies in their new cage asap.

Btw have finally twigged why my topics go to the wrong place!


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