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Bonding Advice.

Hey peeps ^^,

I need some help bonding with my girls. When I first got them from the RSPCA centre, they both seemed very social and didn't really mind being handeled, however, since I've gotted them home they seem to be becoming more and more solitary.

They seem to be getting worse and I'm really stuck with what to do with them, I've resorted to forcing them to bond with me by holding for them atleast 15 minutes everyday, but they are jsut getting worse! I left them in the living room for the first couple of days until they got used to our voices and the new smells etc, I've now moved them to the spare bedroom where they can have some peace and quiet, but whenever I open the door to the room they run and hide!

I've tried hemp seeds, mealworms, EVERYTHING! I want some mouse love !


  • _racingmouse_racingmouse Legacy
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    You have to remember that your girls are going to need at least a few weeks to settle Anthony. Handling them is one thing, but if it`s not on their terms, it will just make them nervous. Personally, I let my girls do what they want and if they seem more happy to be left alone, I respect that. Out of the three I currently have, two are happy to approach me, one is`nt. So unless it`s cage cleaning time, Betsy is never out of the cage. She much prefers to stay in her own `domain` and play with old Rosie. Maisy on the other hand likes to come over for a treat and a sniff and she will happily play on my bed while I clean the base of her Pennine cage.

    Mice do have different personalities but given time, patience and a daily routine, they do surprisingly come round eventually. If they live near rats for example, their scent could make mice nervy, but on the whole, I would place their cage in a room that`s not overly noisy or loud. I have my TV on all day, but just so as I can hear it and never disturb the girls during the day unless they are out and about between sleeps!
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    I can't agree more with whats already been said :)
    being rescues they may have not had the best start, I'm sure with a gentle approach they will eventually learn your not something to be afraid of.

    I wish you the best of luck :smile:
  • _Anthony_Anthony Legacy
    Posts: 131
    I've moved them back to the living room, but they are still extremely timid and haven't been out of their house yet. I think I should put them back in the bedroom as I know they come out when I'm not there (evidence of this being the mess they make with their food :nom:). Bonding? Doesn't exsist. They are so timid and scared of me and any noise that I can't really do anything but wait. I cleaned their cage yesterday and they were the same, I spoke to them the whole time and at around 8pm every night, I'm sitting close to the cage and just talking to them (and to my OH :P) but I seem to just make them scared.

    Also, when will the smell calm down?! Everyone says that females are less smelly than guys, but my male rats don't stink too much (I have SEVEN!) yet *TWO* mice are literally smelling out the entire house... do you think there could be something wrong with them? I know it sounds extremely stupid, but the two dwarf hamsters I adopted from the same RSPCA centre also smell VERY badly too (their urine) and they aren't timid at all - in fact, they love being handled and are obviously used to being handled. I'm having to clean their pee spots twice a day some days because the smell is so rancid ;s I even put cat litter on the floor underneath their finacard but it still reaks, haha. Not really too much of a problem for me - I'm just worried about visitors. :-/

    Ah well, I guess I'll just have to be more patient! I never knew mice were so cute ^^
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    Off topic, but hey :P Does the hamster's urine smell strong and sweet? They may be diabetic - it shouldn't be so bad the wet corner needs cleaning more than every few days.

    I find with the mice that cleaning too often (not including toilet corners) sends them into a sort of frantic "re-stinking" mode, where they urinate all over wheels, shelves, toys etc. Fennel seed is safe for mice, though I'm not sure how much is too much.
  • _Anthony_Anthony Legacy
    Posts: 131
    So I'm going to smell this forever? :P I'm not too worried about the smell for myself, it doesn't bother me too much. What I am worried about is the land lord, the rule was no smelly animals, haha. I guess I'll just have to hide them! Although they are literally smelling out the entire house! I could smell them when I opened the front door and they are at the other end of the flat behind a closed door! They smell more than my 7 rats, 2 syrians and 4 dwarfs put together, haha.

    I thought that about the diabetes in the dwarf too! I did ask the RSPCA about it as I spelt that smell the moment she opened the cage, but she said that they had been checked by the vet including diabetes test (as that was my concern) and they were both fine. He is on a diet anyway at the moment, so most of the fatty sugary things are being removed from his diet. I'll pop him along to the vets on Monday with my rats for a check up anyway!

    Thanks for the seed advice about keeping the smell down. I'll have a look :D

    I just hope they calm down soon! I want some mousie love. :P We'll see what happens!
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