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Feeding up undersized mouse?

My mouse Grace is a tiny thing (I got her from Tilly1712 's rescue, where she was given extra kitty milk to help her grow), and I was wondering whether it's advisable to give her some extra food of any type, or just leave her be as she seems perfectly healthy? She's quite energetic so I don't think there's much danger of her becoming overweight - I just wonder if she's likely to grow any further (3 months old-ish?), and if she'd benefit from anything extra added into her diet.

Things I currently have in the kitchen cupboard:
milled flaxseed
creamed coconut
dried fruit
peanut butter
probably a load of other stuff too!

I also have a whole ton of complan (I heard it could be used like kitty milk, although it contains dried milk so I'm not certain about it? I could always buy in a bit of the kitty milk instead), and was thinking of getting some nuts in too.

So do you think it's advisable to give her a little bit extra, and if so what's going to be the most nutritious for her?

Tracey I'd especially appreciate your input, since you know her well. :)


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    As you say, Tracey will be the best person to give you advice as she knows Grace. Is she just a small mouse or is she actually thin/underweight?

    Mealworms, sunflower seeds, cooked chicken, scrambled egg and dog kibble can all help to fatten up a mouse but I'd be careful not to give too much of those items.
  • _Tilly1712_Tilly1712 Legacy
    Posts: 303
    It's difficult to know with Grace to be honest. She was so tiny when I collected her that I thought she looked too young to be away from her mum (heaven only knows what happened to her mum :() She was eating solids though and I estimated her to be about 4 weeks old.

    For the first week or so she didn't seem to grow much at all, despite the kitty milk, but then she had a sudden growth spurt to the size she is now. Fortunately she's never looked underweight, so it's possible her parents were small mice and she'll never be quite the same size as Elliott and Nutmeg.

    I wouldn't worry about her too much, Maria, just continue feeding her as you are doing now and supplement with a few tasty treats, mealworms, occasional sunflower seeds etc. I used to leave her a couple of different treats out every night and noticed the chopped almonds went down well and she quite liked porridge too. It's a bit messy but if I made myself some I'd put half a teaspoon in a bowl for her.

    I'm sure with all the TLC and food you're giving her she'll stay fit and healthy :)
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