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WAGG Hamster/Gerbil/Mouse Munch mix

I wanted to point mouse members to this mix made by WAGG. I recently adopted a wee roborovski hamster who was fed on this by his previous owner and he does like it, which got me thinking. It is labelled as Hamster, gerbil MOUSE munch. Now I know many members sometimes find it difficult to find a commercial diet mix for mice and most don`t want to feed a hamster mix which is made specifically for hamsters. But this WAGG mix does seem to offer a half decent alternative if you still want to buy a bag of canary seed and add it to this mix. It has 16% protein, which would be slightly diluted if adding other seeds or grains to it to add more variety. It has small extruded biscuits and the mix contains apple and grape in it`s compound as well as yeast and calcium.

Asda and other outlets sell WAGG for around ?2.25p for a 1kg bag. Check it out. :)


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    Personally I dont see how a food can be that good if its aimed at 3 animals with very different dietary requirements :/
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
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    My experience with this with gerbils (food passed on by previous owner!) was that it has a lot of filler items that they just didn't touch. They seemed a lot better, and coat condition improved when I switched.

    I've never tried it with mice.
  • _lauren_lauren Legacy
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    Slight deviation from the Wagg discussion (and everyone's replies) but I add PAH Rat Muesli for the mix for both my mice and rats. It used to be great - then they rebranded it so instead of being a straight "rat food" it became "rat and mouse" (mice originally were on the gerbil mix I believe). Since changing it, the bulk of the mix is Alfalfa!!!!! :evil: :evil: Jeez... I'm on the look out for another mix i can add to my RR now, i don't mind the PAH one but it makes me so angry knowing how much of it gets wasted now.

    And Ann - I think you're right, we can get in such a tizz worrying about getting the perfect balance yet I do feel that some of us (myself included) can get so caught up in it nad it is often unnecessary.
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