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Diets seems a bit confusing

I've read through this section and have got rather confused. I don't think I'll be making my own mixes for Meeces when I get some for a while so what is the best complete diet out there for them and do they need supplements?


  • _Gilbert_Gilbert Legacy
    Posts: 419
    I'm not really the best one to advise on this, being plunged into mouse keeping totally unprepared back in July. When I first got my mice the only pre-prepared food I could find was made by Wagg, but keeping dogs and knowing that Wagg dog food is far from the best I was a little dubious. So now they get Wagg with wild bird food (without sunflower seeds) & rat mix and mealworms. I buy a bag of each & just chuck it in a container and mix it all up and they seem very happy with that. Other than Wagg I'm not sure that there is an actual ready made mouse food out there and even the Wagg is aimed at other small furries too so its not actually a specific mouse food. I'm sorry I'm not a lot of help really :/
  • _Roseberry_Roseberry Legacy
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    Thanks everyone :-)
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