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Science Selective Mouse Diet with Apple and Hazelnut?

Has anyone used this product?

I thought of suggesting to my son that we get some food like this, as a 'fall back' or 'fundamental' food for their diet. They can then be given more variety via fresh veggies and treats on top of this. But, a food like this which as far as I can see is a uniform product might help prevent potentially picky mice choosing only some items from a mixed food diet. While providing good nutrition, so that it's easier to make sure that their overall diet is good.

The food claims to be nutritionally complete. But it doesn't have that many ingredients. Is it really nutritionally complete by itself?

Has anyone used it? Feedback would be appreciated.


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Only one of my mice ever really liked it, the others have always preferred a muesli style mix (given the choice). The best way of getting the mice to eat it is to break it up into smaller pieces. You're right about mice being picky though, mine always eat the good stuff first and leave the boring bits.
  • Our mice seem to like it, but we've mixed it with other mixes so its just part of the diet. We actually only feed it because two arrived eating it and everyone liked it so much we'd have felt mean taking it off them completely lol
    Just shows that different mice have different opinions really :)

    I'm still learning a lot of mouse stuff though so I can't definetly answer how complete it is alone, but the two we got on it were doing fine when we got them :)
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