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So the mix I purchase that I feed Pippin has extruded maize and flaked maize. I just found out that maize is a british term for corn? And I've been told (through research) that corn isn't good for mice and has been known to cause cancer in mice and rats. So should I pick these out? It's not one of the main ingredients in the mix but there is quite a decent amount.


  • _Veroxion_Veroxion Legacy
    Posts: 202
    Corn isn't all that great. It offers no nutritional value and most companies use them in mixes because it's a cheap filler.

    Personally I pick it out. As much as I can anyway. It's a pain, I know, but I pick out the sunflower seeds and peanuts in my mix too. Corn is the worst though, because it's all broken up into little pieces. :evil: Seriously just going to move to making my own mix soon.
  • _Veroxion_Veroxion Legacy
    Posts: 202
    That exact statement made me paranoid about making my own mix. I'm still looking into it, I found a really good post on how to balance out all the ingredients though. You can find it here. :)

    I'm probably going to attempt something soon, I just have to track down some suitable bird mixes, I'm going to try and follow the first suggestion on there as it sounds the easiest. My math is pretty terrible, but here's what the approximate ingredients in measurements are. This makes 2kg of mix... if I did my math right. :roll:

    800g Rolled Oats
    600g Flaked Barley
    600g Parakeet Mix

    I don't think my Mum knows I pick out the bad things in the mix... :lol: It's definitely a pain, but I'm starting to put smaller portions of food (still plenty) into their bowl right now since my girls love kicking it out and covering their shelf with it.
  • _Veroxion_Veroxion Legacy
    Posts: 202
    I know what you mean... asking my Mum to take me to the pet store is a whole other story though. :roll:

    I have no idea about the bird seed either. I guess just most commercial mixes? I'll have to have a look too. I don't really know what I'm looking for exactly.

    I'll most likely make a post for it, since I want some advice from the lovely people here too. Hopefully you'll be able to find whatever I get in Aussie. :)
  • _angeliccaaa_angeliccaaa Legacy
    Posts: 43
    Thanks everyone :D ! I'll still take some out but I'll leave enough so Pippin can decide if he wants it or not, there not a lot of it anyways, but as Veroxion were talking about earlier, I'll probably attempt to make my own mix soon. :)
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