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Food review thread

From my own experience and from what I've seen on here, it seems like a lot of people new to mice struggle to find what the most appropriate food might be to feed their mice, since there's not much available in the shops, and not a massive amount of info about it online. I know a lot of us now make our own mixes, but obviously that's quite daunting when you don't know much about nutritional values and what mice might actually enjoy eating.

So I thought it might be a good idea for us to write reviews of both commercially bought mixes, and of our own home-made ones. :)

As a template, here are some questions I'd ask about when considering a mix:

- cost?
- availability in shops/different countries/online?
- palatability/how much gets wasted?
- does it need supplementing with vitamins/calcium etc.?
- protein content?
- low in sugar/fat/filler foods?
- how varied is it?
- do the mice enjoy it?
- are ingredients clearly stated?
- what proportions of ingredients do you use in your home-made mixes, i.e. what's the recipe?

If anyone can think of more questions then let me know and I'll edit them in. :) It might also be useful to some people if they could get sent a small sample of the food by another member (I'd be willing to do this).


  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
    Posts: 153
    JR Farm Feast for Mice

    - costs ?2.99 per 600g pack
    - only available from zooplus
    - little wastage, most gets eaten
    - says it's a complete food, but only says about vitamins A, D3 and E being added (nothing about calcium or other stuff)
    - 12.5% protein (might want supplementing)
    - fat 3.1%, might have a bit more corn than necessary, but no added sugar and other ingredients seem fine
    - decent range of ingredients, about 20 different things
    - mice enjoy it, small amount of fighting over the best bits!
    - all ingredients are listed: Extruded corn flour, yellow millet 10%, red millet 10%, wheat, corn flakes, wheat flakes, canary seed, popped wheat, dari seed, carrots, sorghum, buckwheat, oat corners, corn, carob, peppermint leaves, oats, shrimps 1%, mung beans

    Overall I'd happily recommend this food - the mice enjoy it, it looks quite appealing and little gets wasted. The main negative is that you have to buy online (Europe only). I'd be happy to send out small samples to anybody interested. :)
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