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Oxbow food (adult rat food)

link 1 is adult rat food

link 2 is young mouse and rat food

Is this ok for my mice I've read the species information on fancy mice and it says the best food is a quality rat diet and this one looks good

What do you think the best food is for mice leave comments below

sorry for all the posts just need to get this all right :D :) ;) :nom:


  • _Veroxion_Veroxion Legacy
    Posts: 202
    You need to look into how much protein is in a mix when buying your mouse food. Mice need between 14-16% protein so the first food you've linked has the right amount, though I can't comment if it's any good or not as I haven't used it before. From what is stated on the website it seems to be fine as it looks to be mostly grain-based. Then again most of the ingredients went over my head. :roll:

    The second has far too much protein for the average mouse. It says that it's designed for pregnant or nursing rats, though really this is the average amount of protein that a rat needs. Typically this amount of protein is only giving to pregnant or nursing mice so that they can birth and raise their litter well.

    Don't worry about all the posts. We're more than welcome to help any way we can. ;)
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